Ugo 2L Drainage Bags

Using our long experience in urology products, we’ve developed a complete range of 2L Drainage Bags to meet all patients’ needs, in any clinical environment. The bags have short, easy-to-remember names and numbers, to help clinicians and their patients order the correct ones quickly and easily. Non-sterile options come in tamper-resistant, protective resealable bags ideally suited for storage in the patient’s bedroom or bathroom.

Other features of Ugo 2L Drainage Bags include:

  • Soft, kink-resistant inlet tubing, secured to ensure leak-free continuous drainage
  • Non-return valve to prevent urine going back up the drainage pipe
  • Reinforced eyelets to ensure level hanging on the bag stand
  • Needle-free sprung sample port, which locks the syringe for safe sample collection (Ugo 12 and Ugo 13)
  • Transparent universal stepped connector for secure fitting into all indwelling catheters or leg bag silicone outlet tubes for overnight link drainage
Ugo 2L Drainage Bags

Ordering information

Ugo 2L Drainage Bags are available with a range of features depending on clinician and patient preference.

Ugo 2L Drainage Bags are available in New Zealand through our partner EBOS Healthcare

  • Pr NameUgo 9Ugo 10Ugo 11Ugo 12Ugo 13Ugo Hanger
    Product Code9/NS/SU/DO10/NS/SU/DO11/S/SU/DO12/S/D/L13/S/D/T3013
    PIP Code400-8488400-8496400-8504400-8512400-8520N/A
    NPC CodeN/AFUW 064FUW 065N/AFUW 066GPB 821
    Tap DesignNon Drainable (tear corner to drain)– Non sterileSingle Use T Tap (can only drain once)– Non sterileSingle Use T Tap (can only drain once)
    – Sterile pouch packaged
    Lever Tap (continuous drainage)– Sterile pouch packagedT Tap (continuous drainage)– Sterile pouch packagedN/A
    Clinical UseSingle use link drainage onlySingle use link drainage onlyAttaching directly to catheter or single use link drainageAttaching directly to catheter for up to 7 days with needle free sample portAttaching directly to catheter for up to 7 days with needle free sample portN/A
    Inner PackBag of 10Bag of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10
    Outer Case8 bags of 108 bags of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 10Case of 100

Want to know more?

Complete confidence

For anyone using overnight drainage bags, confidence in the right products is vital. Understanding this, we provide our Ugo 2L Drainage Bags with plenty of detailed information – to help patients in their own home, and carers in care homes with no nurse on hand, use them with complete confidence.

This information includes:

  • A detailed user guide on how to care for and use the bags
  • Comprehensive instructions for use, in several languages
  • Clear information printed on the packaging of each bag, explaining how to use it and describing key features

To find out more about how we help patients feel confident with Ugo 2L Drainage Bags, have a look at our user guide.

Download user guide

Contact us to request a copy of the user guide

What people have to say about Ugo 2L Drainage Bags

  • The Ugo 2L Drainage Bags you sent us are excellent! No ‘faffing’ and all very straight forward with clear, easy to understand instruction booklets, very easy to use (even for large clumsy fingers) – and, even better, no accidents. Yaaay.

    Denise MellowsLeeds, UK
  • The Ugo 2L Drainage Bags are very good. They have a large capacity for overnight drainage, there’s no kinking in the tubes and they’re easy to connect. They are very secure once connected and the non-return valve to prevent urine going back up the drainage tube is a very good idea. A lot of other products I have tried don’t have this built in which can result in accidents.

    Kevin TaylorGlasgow, UK
  • I really enjoyed learning about the new additions to the Ugo Urology range of products from my Optimum Medical Account Manager. The district nurses were very impressed with the patient user guide that is provided with the Ugo Leg Bags and Ugo 2L Drainage Bags. This gives them security and peace of mind, and it’s also very helpful for patients!

    Lead Bladder and Bowel Specialist NurseKent, UK