The Ugo Box

The Ugo Box is an all-in-one solution which contains everything required for the insertion and removal of a urinary catheter. Licensed for suprapubic and urethral use, The Ugo Box comes equipped with a choice of Ugo Foley Catheter or Ugo Leg Bag

The Ugo Box has been designed to support best practice aseptic catheterisation, promote efficiency, and provide a cost-effective solution in one handy pack.

The Ugo Box contains:

1 x Ugo Pro (catheterisation procedure pack with saline)

1 x Ugo Foley Catheter (all silicone – up to 90 days use)

1 x OptiPure (10ml sterile water syringe)

1 x 11ml OptiLube catheterisation jelly syringe

1 x Ugo Leg Bag (1C – short tube, 500ml, lever tap or 2C – long tube, 500ml, lever tap)

1 x Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip)

1 x pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps

The Ugo Box

Ordering information

  • Product Code345334543455345934603461
    Ugo Foley Catheter size (Ch)12Ch14Ch16Ch12Ch14Ch16Ch
    Ugo Leg BagUgo 1CUgo 1CUgo 1CUgo 2CUgo 2CUgo 2C
    11ml catheterisation jelly syringeOptiLubeOptiLubeOptiLubeOptiLubeOptiLubeOptiLube

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