Glycerine Swabsticks

Pleasant-tasting, sugar-free swabsticks, available in lemon and blackcurrant flavours

Our Glycerine Swabsticks stimulate the saliva glands, providing refreshment and relief for patients with restricted oral intake. They’re ideal for those with respiratory problems, on oxygen or a ventilator, under ‘nil by mouth’, or undergoing cancer or drug therapy treatments.

Designed for professional and hospital use, our Glycerine Swabsticks offer:

  • A pleasant, refreshing taste
  • Relief from the discomfort of a dry mouth
  • Soft tips for added patient comfort
  • The convenience of three single-use swabsticks in each foil pack
Glycerine Swabsticks

Ordering information

  • Pr NameGlycerine Swabsticks - lemon Glycerine Swabsticks - blackcurrant
    Pr Code11151116
    Inner PackBox of 75Box of 75
    Outer PackCase of 750Case of 750

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