Ugo Urology success at the ACA

Ugo Urology success at the ACA

Is a urine bag really just a urine bag?

…No, it isn’t!

This is the conclusion clinicians came to last week at the ACA (Association for Continence Advice) Conference and Exhibition in Edinburgh when we spoke to them about the new additions to our Ugo Urology range – our Ugo Leg Bags and Ugo 2L Drainage Bags.

The Ugo Leg Bags and Ugo 2L Drainage Bags come with the following patient-focused product features:

• Unique naming and numbering system for easy reordering. E.g. Ugo 1C, Ugo 2C

• Detailed user information printed on the product pouch in a clear and simple format

• Purpose measured soft silicone tubing for kink-free link drainage

• Ugo Leg Bags available in lever tap or T tap drainage option, and with or without fabric backing to suit patient choice and clinical environment

• Non-sterile 2 litre bag options provided in tamper-resistant, protective, resealable bags

If you’d like to find out more about our Ugo Leg Bags and Ugo 2L Drainage Bags, you can email or call +44(0)845 643 5479.


Revolutionising urinary catheter fixation! The Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip

Sharon Holroyd – Continence Lead at Calderdale Continence Services, kick-started this year’s ACA Conference and Exhibition with a presentation to delegates on urinary catheter fixation. It was fantastic to have such a large number of delegates in attendance, finding out how products like our Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip can be used to reduce pain, trauma and infection. To view Sharon’s presentation slides, please click here.

Created with soft silicone technology, the Ugo Fix Gentle achieves atraumatic fixation at the bifurcation of the catheter. The Ugo Fix Gentle is easy to apply and remove, with no skin preparation required or the use of solutions to dissolve the adhesive. The Ugo Fix Gentle can be re-positioned as required – even over the same area of skin, it doesn’t lose its adhesion on re-application and a single device can be worn for up to seven days.

To read more on the topic of urinary catheter fixation and our Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip, you can read Sharon Holroyd’s product focus article featured in the latest edition of the British Journal of Community Nursing.

If you would like to speak to us about our Ugo Fix Gentle or any of the products in our Ugo Urology range, you can email or call +44(0)845 643 5479.