Ugo Urology goes to Sweden

In May we visited Sweden to exhibit at the Urotherapist (UTF) Association Annual Conference held in the beautiful city of Uppsala.

The UTF conference is attended by Urotherapists from across the Nordic countries. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to work with our Swedish distribution partner, officially introducing the Ugo Urology range to urology specialists in Sweden and promoting the ever popular OptiLube range of lubricating gels.

The Ugo Urology range has been created in close collaboration with clinicians and designed with the patient in mind. All features of the Ugo Urology range have been specifically developed to make the patient more comfortable following catheterisation, and allow them to continue living an independent life.

Ugo Urology products are already taking the UK by storm:

Patient user guide


“My wife has been using the Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip for approximately two weeks. We have found that there is no skin damage which she was getting with other products. She loves the rotating clip feature – it ensures the leg bag is always in the right position when it’s attached to her leg or when she’s laying on the bed.” Patient, UK

Ugo Fix Catheter Strap is a great product, giving added security to the catheter and leg bag. It’s easy to apply, comfortable, discreet and effectively holds the catheter in place with no movement.” Patient, UK



The UTF Conference also gave us a unique opportunity to launch the OptiLube Active CHG Free catheterisation jelly.  OptiLube Active CHG Free is the newest addition to our catheterisation jelly range, containing local anaesthetic Lidocaine. Our catheterisation jelly range offers clinicians a choice, ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient.

Please email if you would like information on any products in our urology or lubrication range.